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The Endless Campaign



I am sure that November is over, right?  So why is Obama summoning his campaign team to push his economic plan?  Both of these questions baffle the average person who was sick of politics by the end of the summer and are not being forced to endure more.  

It is true, Obama ran a well campaign, playing on hope, unobtainable promises and using technology.  Those things may have gotten him elected, but they will not fix the economy.  It does not matter if Twitter is blowing up, we are still spending too much money frivolously.  

If you’re not outraged, Twitter Obama soon… 



Blind Following the Blind

The Federal government has spent a great deal of tax payer’s money in the past year.  Both Bush and Obama have spend too much of our tax dollars, and it seems to be the similarities between the two will continue.  Bush was criticized for not placing oversight for the first bank bailout bill.  It seems that President Obama is following in the same failed footsteps as Bush.

Congressional authorities are now ridiculing Obama for not placing enough, or any at that, oversight for the trillions spent since January.  It is a fact that we are spending incomprehensible amounts of money, but to have no independent oversight of this is horrible.  We are hasting tax dollars to start and now, the Feds cannot even tell you where the waste is going.  But, in the end, people are getting saved, so why worry, right?

If you’re not outraged, look in your wallet April 16th..


Fight Back!


Well April 15th is coming quickly and any normal American should be sickened by the amount of taxes they pay.  Also adding to the disgust, some people will get audited, so the link below might help you on that front.  Also, a good documentary named “America: Freedom to Fascism.”

If you’re not outraged, wait until Aprin 15th…


Stop and Think


Spending more than what is in your checking account will cause a bounced check, it is just that simple.  The FDIC is about to bounce the checkbook of the banks shortly.  This is why the Senate wants to give the FDIC a $500 billion loan, on a short term basis.  Well, not everyone wants this to happen.

House Minority Leader stood up today and said enough is enough.  Boehner (R-OH) said that both parties need to stop spending money blindly and formulate a real plan without pork and earmarks.  While the dyke might be cracking, it will last a few more weeks without injecting any more capital into it until a true solution is found.  Because right now, sticking trillions of tax payer “finger’s” in the cracks is not doing a whole lot of good.  

Why can’t the House, Senate and Executive sit down with economists and CEOs to figure this out.  While it is important to gather the knowledge of the Ivy Towers, the men and women running the worlds largest businesses need to be the most represented.  They are the individuals that understand how business works and fails, not Nancy Pelosi.  It is just a thought.

If you are not outraged, wait until the well is dry…



The Cost of…

Clay Bennett is a great political cartoonist.  I rarely agree with him, but I love this cartoon.  

Bennett editorial cartoon

If you’re not outraged, try catching a fish with this hook…

The Importance of Soda


Coke or Pepsi?  Well Time magazine thought it would be a great idea to investigate, not ask, what the Obama’s prefer.  It turns out that the preferred drink is, WHO CARES.  You have to be kidding me; this is why there is no trust in the mainstream media.  There are so many things happening right now in America, but the media has to waste their time swooning over the Obama’s.  Get over it.

If you’re not outraged, you didn’t read Time this week. 


PC Thugs, Make My Day


Good old Clint Eastwood, a man that says what is on his mind and probably the minds of many Americans.  “We’re all spending too much time and energy trying to be politically correct about everything,” this was a quote he said when talking to an ANI reporter.  Clint also stated that the world has become dull and humerous due to the overarching hand of the PC police.

I am sure that this was related to his recent movie, Gran Torino.  In the movie, there were many racial slurs, but the scene in the barbershop is what the privious quote was directed to.  I totally understand what Eastwood was saying.  It is not out of hate, it is just humor.  Stop worrying about what the PC thugs will say and enjoy this clip…


In you’re not outraged, you need to listen to Clint more…