Blind Following the Blind

The Federal government has spent a great deal of tax payer’s money in the past year.  Both Bush and Obama have spend too much of our tax dollars, and it seems to be the similarities between the two will continue.  Bush was criticized for not placing oversight for the first bank bailout bill.  It seems that President Obama is following in the same failed footsteps as Bush.

Congressional authorities are now ridiculing Obama for not placing enough, or any at that, oversight for the trillions spent since January.  It is a fact that we are spending incomprehensible amounts of money, but to have no independent oversight of this is horrible.  We are hasting tax dollars to start and now, the Feds cannot even tell you where the waste is going.  But, in the end, people are getting saved, so why worry, right?

If you’re not outraged, look in your wallet April 16th..



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