PC Thugs, Make My Day


Good old Clint Eastwood, a man that says what is on his mind and probably the minds of many Americans.  “We’re all spending too much time and energy trying to be politically correct about everything,” this was a quote he said when talking to an ANI reporter.  Clint also stated that the world has become dull and humerous due to the overarching hand of the PC police.

I am sure that this was related to his recent movie, Gran Torino.  In the movie, there were many racial slurs, but the scene in the barbershop is what the privious quote was directed to.  I totally understand what Eastwood was saying.  It is not out of hate, it is just humor.  Stop worrying about what the PC thugs will say and enjoy this clip…


In you’re not outraged, you need to listen to Clint more…



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