A True Capitalist Nation?


Welcome China!  A communist country that understands more about capitalism and free markets than America.  China already holds a significant portion of US debt in the form of “T” bills.  They buy what we cannot afford and then we are locked into trade agreements.  Well, thanks to Secerety of State Clinton, they will now own more of the US than Americans probably will.

Clinton asked China and three other Asian nations to continue to support the US Treasury.  This is great, not only can our exorbanite tax rate fail to cover the US debt, we have to turn a communist country to save us.  This is wrong on so many levels, but we will examine a few for purpose of brevity. 

First, China can call that debt, trillions mind you, at any time they please.  It is unlikey to happen, but if trade continues to slow and their people are starving, they will have no choice.  Years ago, China promised its people that if they worked, there would be food.  This promise is starting to show a significant gap as of late. So, what do we do if China calls the debt, or even or portion?  No one knows.

Also, Clinton had to shirk the human rights violations that China has been engaged in the past years.  While I do not advocate interferring in other countries affairs, China has been a rather large violator of said rights.  But why should they care when the US is terrified of angering the great red beast.  

There were no talks in Taiwan or Tibet.  These are issues that will soon matter the average citizen, as the US will have to decide whether to support free Taiwan or back  China for financial reasons.  So, where does this leave us?  Weaker than ever, in a time when we must be strong.  Great work assembling a crack Cabinet, President Obama.  

If you’re not outraged, wait until it all falls apart…comrade. 



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